PG-Bikes BlackTrail BT-01

What, No Pegs?


Back in the 80s, it was cool (or at least we thought it was) to put baseball cards between the spokes of your bike tire so everyone could hear you doing your best Lance Armstrong down the street. Now, nearly 20 years later, baseball cards have been replaced by 1.2 kW electric motors that allow you to travel more than 100 miles and push speeds of 65 miles per hour. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Double yes. Made from carbon fiber and aluminum, the BlackTrail BT-01 weighs 44 pounds and charges in less time than it takes to play a professional baseball game. The bad news: PG-Bikes only plans to produce 667 of these BlackTrail BT-01 bad boys for the staggering price of $80,000. No, that’s not a type-o. Call us crazy, but that could buy you a lot of Huffy bikes and Joe DiMaggio rookie cards.

Buy Now: $80,000

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