60 Designers Chose Their Favorite National Parks and Made These Awesome Posters

Available for purchase in frame-worthy, high-quality prints, as well as postcards.

The US National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday this year. In honor of the centenary, 60 eminent designers and typographers joined together to create the Type Hike project, a collection of magnificently designed National Park pins, postcards and posters. Each artist designed a piece based on their favorite national park; the posters, which come in 12 x 18 inch or 24 x 36 inch dimensions, are handmade with thick, high-quality French paper in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The posters contribute to a rich artistic history of National Parks reaching all the way back to Ansel Adams’s iconic black-and-white landscapes, which made the beauty of US National Parks known to the world. All profits go to the National Park Service’s Centennial Campaign, which seeks to keep our parks great.

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