Sporasub Revolution Fins

Try Swimming a Mile in these Shoes


Sporasub’s innovative new swim fin, the Revolution Fin ($179), combines the elegance of the traditional freediving fin with the practicality and style of what most closely resembles a bicycling shoe. Equipped with three Velcro straps, the shoe provides a very comfortable, yet snug fit underwater. Pre-molded and built of nylon with a polyurethane covering, the water repellent materials are exceptional at deterring water. Drain holes inside the soles ensure the fastest possible drying time and eliminate any possible funky odor smells. The removable plastic blade is attached with three stainless steel screws at a 26 degree angle, creating an equal output force during the up kick and down kick phase, reducing stress on the legs. Available in seven sizes, 40-46, the Revolution fin is stiff enough to allow the diver to distribute leg movement without preventing fatigue, ensuring the divers best possible personal results.

Buy Now: $179

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