This Ridiculously Tiny Blade Might Be the Future of Outdoor Knives

The Eldris has a 59mm blade.


Who says bigger is better? Morakniv’s new fixed-blade Eldris knife is just 59mm long at the cutting end, but according to the Swedish knife-maker, that’s all you need. The shorter blade is made of high-quality 12C27 stainless steel, and while it does look a bit like a consumer-model shiv, it has the undeniable benefit of less carry weight. Shortness also means the Eldris will be less noticeable in your pocket or on an accessible neck loop, and the five handle color options were thoughtfully inspired by the lakes, buildings and paintings of Mora, Sweden and its surrounding region.

A shorter fixed-blade does seem a bit safer as well as practical; most folks tend to use the part of the blade closest to the handle anyway. But it does look, for lack of a better word, short. Crocodile Dundee would not approve.

Buy Now: $30

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