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Design Experts Say This Is the Best Water Bottle of 2020

When a jury of product design experts awarded the best new products of 2020, the list included both

Ferraris and this travel mug.

a black water bottle next to the same bottle in white separated into pieces that include a cap and separate cup

Earlier this year, when a jury of product design experts revealed its selection of the best-designed items of 2020, the list included a sleek office chair, an e-bike for commuters, three Ferraris and, somewhat surprisingly, a travel mug. The mug in question is CamelBak's MultiBev, and calling it a travel mug — or any one thing at all — is somewhat misleading.

That's because the MultiBev is a two-in-one drinking vessel. CamelBak built it as an insulated water bottle with a non-slip base but engineered its lower half to include a removable cup for portioning, sharing or using as an alternative to single-use vessels at coffee shops. The removable cup even gets its own lid, which is made of flexible, food-grade silicone that stashes inside the MultiBev's main cap. That little compartment might even count as a third use, as it's spacious enough to contain snacks, tea or a small wad of cash.

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