This New Bike Is One of the Lightest We've Ever Seen

How Canyon snuck the Ultimate CFR under 14 pounds.

canyon ultimate cfr
Canyon/Tino Pohlmann

When it comes to going fast on a bike, light makes right. German manufacturer Canyon understands this reality all too well. The proof is in the pedaling, from the brand's somehow airy Neuron mountain bikes to its latest game-changing release, the Ultimate CFR, the lightest production disc brake road bike.

How light we talking here? Well, the svelter of the two complete builds, the Ultimate CFR Disc EPS, clocks in at just 6.29 kg (13.9 pounds), while its huskier brother, the Ultimate CFR Disc Di2, tips the scales at 6.59 kg (14.5 pounds). These two releases from the brand's new Canyon Factory Racing team show just how serious it is about weight savings.

The key, Canyon's reps tell us, is ultra-high modulus pitch-based carbon fibers in the frame and fork. We're also told that the brand had to be granted exclusive permission by the Japanese Ministry of Defense just to gain access to it. (Try picturing that meeting: "You need this material for... missiles?" "Nah, road bikes." "But of course!")

canyon ultimate cfr disc eps
Canyon Ultimate CFR Disc EPS
Canyon Bicycles

canyon ultimate cfr disc di2
Canyon Ultimate CFR Disc Di2
Canyon Bicycles

Like medieval blacksmiths crafting a special sword for a legendary knight, Canyon's engineers blend these fibers with various other modulus and high-tensile fibers for the optimal combination of strength, durability and lightness. This perfect mix leads to bikes that are phenomenal for climbing as well as all around speedy riding.

The Ultimate CFR Disc EPS ($9,099) features a Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset and DT Swiss PRC 1100 25Y Anniversary wheels. The Ultimate CFR Disc ($7,699) features a complete Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset and 50 mm deep-section DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT wheels. Framesets ($3,459) come complete with a 270 g CP0020 Cockpit and exclusive Schmolke 1K carbon seatposts and weigh just 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds).

All three options just went on sale today, with some units shipping as early as later this month.


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