Say Goodbye to Green Bottles with This New Propane Growler


backcountry ignik grill

This may be an overgeneralization, but it's safe to say that *most people who love camping, nature or the great outdoors also love things like, say, preventing the destruction of the only planet on which they can do those things. It is the very community that coined "pack-in, pack-out," after all. But you know what's better than responsibly disposing of your trash? Not generating so much trash in the first place. Backcountry's new Ignik Outdoors Gas Growler is a refillable, no-waste solution to campsite cooking that will save you some money as well as the guilt of adding more trash to the world. Find out more about why this growler is good for the planet below.

ignik backcountry


    Goodbye Green Bottles: One growler fill costs about the same as one single-use green bottle, but every Ignik Growler saves 480 green bottles from a landfill. Say goodbye to garbage and hello to greener campsites.


      Carried Away: The Ignik Outdoors Gas Growler comes with a rugged-looking molded case for easy carrying and protection, as well as room enough for a wrench and the included 4-inch hose attachment. Campsite clean-up has never been so easy.


        Streamlined Service: Backcountry's new growler is a breeze to refill and can be topped off at any propane service station. Better yet, the included hose attachment connects to all of your familiar camp stoves, so you can connect quickly and get to cooking.


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