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Need a New Commuter Bike? Just Get This

You won't find one more user-friendly, safe, stylish and affordable than the Priority Continuum Onyx.

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Skip the heavy lifting and go straight to what’s best. Just Get This is our no-nonsense guide to the gear you need, now.

Shopping for a commuter bike can feel like a real balancing act. No matter your priority — performance, safety, good looks, affordability — you may find yourself giving up a lot of the other key qualities to get it. Unless your priority is, well, Priority.

No, really. Because Priority Bicycles has somehow made a set of wheels that wraps all the best commuter bike traits into one compelling package. It's called the Continuum Onyx, and here are just a few reasons it tops our list.

Price: $1,299


Low maintenance

When it comes to keeping and riding a bike in urban settings, you want something you don't have to wrench on much or muck up your clothes with. This solidly built bike avoids those issues entirely through the use of a Gates Carbon Belt Drive rather than a chain. That means no more janky or squeaky chain issues, and not a drop of grease on your bike or your chinos. In tandem with the Enviolo CVT shifter, which permits continuous shifting with a twist of the wrist, it guarantees hundreds of smooth, fuss-free miles.

Safe and stylish

Safety starts with two key factors: responsive brakes and high visibility. The Continuum Onyx has both covered. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes ease both planned and spontaneous stops, while dynamo-powered front and rear lights are built right into the bike. These lights are powered by your pedaling, so you never even have to charge them. The good looks are also built-in — literally — as internal cable routing gives this matte black beauty a clean, professional profile.

The right price

No, the Continuum Onyx is not the cheapest bike out there, but when you add up all these features, the fact that Priority keeps the price close to a grand is impressive. Unlike some other bikes that are delayed due to supply chain issues, it's also actually available right now; with overnight shipping you could literally get it tomorrow. It would be quite easy to spend more and get less. But why do that when the smartest, prettiest and most valuable option is right in front of you?


Continuum Onyx

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