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How 3 Instagram Adventurers Pass Time Around the Campsite

Backcountry boredom happens to everyone, including some of Instagram’s most famous adventurers.


Nature is great, nature is beautiful, nature is endlessly awe-inspiring. Sure. All of those things are true. But let’s not pretend nature is a place where we are impervious to one of humanity’s most unfortunate downfalls: sometimes, against all odds, we get bored. It creeps up on us even in the most stunningly gorgeous places: as we twiddle our thumbs waiting for one-pot dinners to be served; as we chase elusive sleep in a cramped one-man tent. Don’t be ashamed. It happens to everyone, including some of Instagram’s most famous adventurers — and they’ve got just the remedy for it.

Chris Brinlee, Jr.

Athlete, Adventurer, Photographer

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader $100
“There aren’t many ‘luxury items’ that I take out into the backcountry. That being said, there are two exceptions that I will almost always make: a Kindle Paperwhite full of downloaded books, and my Pixel XL, full of downloaded Spotify playlists and movies on Netflix. While these may seem anti-social, they can provide some really great moments of escape when tent-bound due to storms, or on recovery days after intense pursuits in the mountains.”


Chris Burkard

Adventure Sports Photographer, Filmmaker

Bose QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones $249
“Sometimes, after a long day of hiking, I just want to vegetate, so I bring along Bose noise-cancelling earbuds. They’re the best in the world I’ve found so far. Usually, I listen to something weird, like Coyote Oldman or Jose Gonzalez. They also help me sleep if it’s windy.”


Alex Strohl

Adventure Photographer, Filmmaker

Audible Audiobooks $15/month
“Typically, I listen to an audiobook on Audible. I actually did a post about some of the audio books that made an impression. I also like to bring a small book. Because I’m usually having a freeze dried dinner, I like to bring cooking books. They inspire me to cook when I head home.”


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