Leatherman's Beloved Multi-Tools Just Got Even Better

The king of multi-tools, Leatherman belongs in your EDC.

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When it comes to multitools, Leatherman reigns king. You'll never know when you'll need it next, and having one on you at all times can help you stay prepared whether you're exploring the outdoors or taking care of odd jobs at home. The Portland-based brand has been making multitools for over thirty-five years, becoming the market leader in multitools. Despite its long history, the brand is continually innovating, evolving and iterating on its line — it recently launched its newest model, The Leatherman FREE™. We took a deeper look into its latest innovation and how the brand has continued to innovate decades since its first tool.

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One-Handed Technology: The Leatherman FREE™ got its name for a reason. It features one-handed technology, allowing you to freely access any of its tools on the go. The multi-tool features a first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture that integrates cutting-edge technology making it easy to open, handle and close the tools. The internal locking system reduces the wear and tear on the individual implements, making it even more durable than any of the brand's predecessors.


Every Gadget Needed: In one beautifully crafted device, the Leatherman FREE™ offers multiple tools. Choose from devices with eight to twenty-one tools — making this the perfect EDC addition that prepares you for the unexpected. Each tool opens and closes with haptic feedback, giving you the confidence to use any tool you need.


Free Croc Pocket Tool: With every purchase of $35 or more, Leatherman will throw in free Croc Pocket Tool. The nifty gadget is built to help you with everyday needs — from opening bottles to boxes. Choose to add it to your set of keys or add it in as a stocking stuffer.

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