It’s Now Incredibly Easy to Find the Least Crowded Trails in All of the National Parks

Wilderness bliss, here we come.


Hiking on the most popular National Parks trails can feel more like being in line at an amusement park than exploring a pristine landscape. Just visit Arches National Park in mid-April if you need a more vivid visual. But what if you could experience the same park, with even better views and far fewer people? That’s the idea behind TomTom‘s new partnership with the National Parks. Via TomTom’s website, users can download GPX files of lesser-known trails in their favorite parks. The idea is that the program will not only benefit the user by helping avoiding crowds, but also lessen the foot traffic on well-known trails that can lead to erosion and habitat destruction.

Learn More: Here

As a part of the partnership, TomTom will be donating $5 from every TomTom Adventurer device sold to the National Park Foundation between April 10–23, 2017 — National Park Week.

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