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This New Bag Is for People Who Hate Packing

Outlier's Nexhigh Flatness has no zippers, and filling it up is as easy as pulling a cord.

a man holding a flat bag

Visit any historical landmark or tourist attraction, and you're bound to see people hawking "Gucci" handbags or homemade DVDs from a big tarp laid out on the sidewalk. Hang around long enough, and you might even witness a clever trick; when the police show up, they yank a rope and, within seconds, the shop is in a bundle on their back, and they're headed down the sidewalk.

That's how Outlier's new bag, the Nexhigh Flatness, works. The brand artfully describes it as "a duffle bag crossed with a flower," that laying flat measures 36 by 36 inches. As with a crafty peddler's tarp, a cord winds around the bag's perimeter in a pattern that, when engaged, pulls its corners together. Outlier went further by adding aluminum locks and handles so that one can carry it like a duffel.

Outlier’s Nexhigh Flatness, $275, in action.

The company demonstrates how this all works in a stop motion GIF in which a weeks' worth of clothing appears within, and the Nexhigh Flatness engulfs it. But let's be real, the beauty of a bag like this is that you don't have to be so dainty and organized; in a pinch, just lay it out on the floor, toss some clothes on top and cinch it all up. Because being late for a flight can produce as much scrambled urgency as getting busted by the cops.

Price: $275


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