The Shoe Laces That Can Save Your Life

Because the best survival tool is the one you have on you.


The Boy Scout’s motto — “Be Prepared” — is a wise one. But almost every survival tool or kit shares the same flaw: you need to remember to bring it with you. That’s why, as ridiculous as they sound, Wasatachoutdoors’ unique survival shoelaces feel like an effective insurance policy when the shit hits the fan.

One lace contains a one-inch farro rod and a full length of tinder — specifically a red, waterproof strand that’s extremely flammable. Any sharp edge can be used to tease it out further, making it even more flammable. The other lace contains fishing line and several paracord strands. Both laces are also capped off by metal aglets you can theoretically Macgyver as situations arise. Sets are available in olive drab and black colorways in lengths of 48, 54, 64 and 72 inches, meaning they’ll work with nearly any type of shoe. Tossing a pair on your favorite trail shoes or boots could be the best decision you ever make.

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