July Is the Perfect Month for Summer Snow, at These Ski Resorts

Across the Equator, and not far from home.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

We’re in the thick of summer’s doldrums. Winter sports are probably the last thing on your mind. They shouldn’t be. Look over the equator to the Southern Hemisphere, where ski season is just ramping up. Hell, there are still resorts spinning chairlifts in North America thanks to a wildly productive snow year. Everyone is heading to the beach for vacation; it’s predictable. Set your sights a little further, and get a jump on on winter months before it arrives.

Valle Nevado Chile – Open through October 1
Ski Portillo Chile – Open through September 30
Las Lenas Argentina – Open through October 1
Cardrona Alpine Resort New Zealand – Open through October 15
Mammoth Mountain California – Open through August
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows California – Weekends only, closing date TBA

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