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The Brand-New RadRover 6 Plus Is Rad's Sexiest E-Bike Yet

The latest edition of the brand's flagship fat tire bike has style to match its substance.

radrover 6 plus bikes
Rad Power Bikes

There's a reason the RadRover has stuck around the Rad Power Bikes lineup since the brand's 2007 inception. North America's biggest e-bike brand doesn't take its reliable original fat bike for granted — it just keeps rolling out better and better versions.

The latest edition is no exception. Not only does it boast a number of improvements over its predecessors, but also it's one of the best-looking bikes Rad has ever released.

As bigger fans, historically, of this brand's affordability and approachability than its aesthetics, we're stoked to see progress in this area. So with the recent launch of the RadRover 6 Plus, here are six things that jump out.

Hyper-responsive hydraulic brakes

    radrover 6 plus bike brakes
    Rad Power Bikes

    This model is the first Rad to feature hydraulic brakes and ceramic brake pads, which boost stopping power while requiring a lighter touch from the rider. The levers can also be adjusted to accommodate different-sized hands. All of which adds up to less fatigue, a longer lifespan for components and, most importantly, greater safety.

    Sneaky semi-integrated battery

    radrover 6 plus bike seat and battery
    Rad Power Bikes

    One trait that has always hampered the appearance of Rad bikes is bulky batteries, which can take you far but don't always looking good doing it. This bike's removable battery, designed and engineered in-house, marks a notable improvement: it sits in the downtube, protruding a bit but still presenting a cleaner look. The 48V, 14Ah lithium-ion power source delivers 45 miles of range per charge, too.

    User-friendly two-part display

    radrover 6 plus handlebars
    Rad Power Bikes

    Rad seriously revamped the dash on this bike, splitting it into two components, one for control and one for information. On the left handlebar sits a control panel with power and light buttons, as well as buttons to raise and lower pedal assistance (there are five levels plus a half-twist throttle) and a display showing battery life and power level in use. Meanwhile, a screen between the bars presents your power output, trip time and miles per hour and more.

    Cooler frame

    radrover 6 plus bike
    Rad Power Bikes

    The RadRover 6 Plus comes with two frame options, step-through and diamond, with the latter really catching the eye. Rad says it is re-engineered for better ergonomics, a lower center of gravity and improved handling. We just think it looks like a fierce, fendered mountain bike, and we dig it.

    Stronger motor

    radrover 6 plus motor
    Rad Power Bikes

    Rad bikes have long had pretty burly motors. This particular 750-watt one, discreetly housed in the hub, can summit hills up to 25 percent faster than the RadRover 5.

    Better lighting

    radrover 6 plus motor bike light
    Rad Power Bikes

    We started this list discussing a safety feature, so we'll finish with one too. Like other Rad bikes, this one boasts a Halo headlight, tail light and integrated brake light, which automatically activate when you turn the bike on. But the RadRover 6 Plus has one notable upgrade: a new fender-mounted tail light that increases rear visibility. That's not only safety-centric but sweet, as you'll want to be seen on this bike.

    Price: $1,999


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