Technical Bags You Can Pack into the Palm of Your Hand

Waterproof, durable and stylish.


Matador’s technical, high-quality packs and accessories now come in one of our favorite hues: indigo. Whether you’re on the hunt for a spacious duffel for your next weekend adventure, or a hands-free hip pack that’s sure to make your summer outings easier and more stylish, this collection has you covered. Each item is waterproof, packable, and built with tough, waterproof 30-denier Cordura®. Shop the Indigo Collection in the Gear Patrol Store below.

Daylite 16 Backpack

A classic 16-liter backpack silhouette with a technical twist. Two waterproof zipper compartments and two handy side pockets keep your gear safe.

Buy Now: $49.99

Transit Tote

This ultra-light, packable and durable tote is perfect for everyday carry and adventure travel alike. 30-denier Cordura® ripstop is siliconized and waterproof.

Buy Now: $39.99

Daylite Hip Pack

A hands-free way to keep your everyday carry essentials like your phone, wallet, and passport safe. Don’t need it? Pack it down to the size of a small lemon and tuck it away.

Buy Now: $34.99

Transit30 Duffle

This 30-liter duffel holds an impressive amount of gear, yet packs down to fit in the palm of your hand. Perfect for your next camping trip.

Buy Now: $49.99

Freerain24 Backpack

24 liters of waterproof protection, with a front zipper ideal for grabbing goods on the go. Ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping or commuting.

Buy Now: $59.99

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