This One-Size-Fits-All Cargo Bicycle Has a Motor and Will Fit in Your Apartment

It’ll fit in your car too, but you might not need one anymore.

Cargo bikes are great. They allow you to haul your groceries, kids and even intoxicated friends around town with ease. They’re even better when motorized, making the weight of whatever your load essentially negligible. But cargo e-bikes are also heavy and bulky, which isn’t ideal for storing in towns and cities, where their utility is best applied.

Tern Bicycles has tackled these problems. Its latest e-bike, the GSD, is a compact cargo bicycle that almost defies mechanical plausibility — it folds, it adjusts, it cruises 150 miles on a single charge. The GSD was designed for urban use. At just under six feet in length, it’s smaller than most Dutch-style city cruisers and, when folded, fits in the back of many mid-sized SUVs (and apartments, depending on how much stuff you have). The bike is powered by a Bosch drivetrain and a pair of batteries. The seat and handlebars adjust to accommodate riders young and old. But most importantly, the GSD hauls. Its components were tested to exceed a rider and cargo weight capacity of nearly 400 pounds, and the bike has been designed to carry two large panniers and two child seats — or whatever racks and custom carry systems you want. The GSD will be available in stores at the beginning of 2018.

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