Café du Cycliste Is Having Its End of Summer Cycling Gear Sale

A handful of sale items are well suited for cool autumn rides, which are only a month or two away.

We are entering the bittersweet days of summer. Bitter because the days are getting shorter and the weather colder; sweet because all sorts of summer gear will soon go on sale. Right now, Café du Cycliste, a French cycling brand known for its attention to style, is having its Fin De Saison Sale (French for “End of Season”). The sale offers up to 30% off on a wide variety of summer cycling gear, including jerseys, bibs, gilets, rain jackets, tees, shorts, socks and overshoes. A handful of sale items — cold weather jacket, long-sleeve merino wool top, insulating socks — are well suited to cool autumn rides. How long the sale will last is unknown, but don’t expect the items to remain in stock for long.

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