JakPak All-In-One Jacket, Sleeping Bag & Tent

Bear Grylls Meets Optimus Prime


Preparing for a wet outing in the woods normally involves packing a solid rain shell, a warm sleeping bag and a weather-proof tent. Thanks to some seriously resourceful engineering, the JakPak Jacket ($250) serves as all three — granted with some sacrifices. Made from waterproof, flame retardant material, the jacket features an integrated and detachable shelter plus sleeping bag. The tent can be completely detached from the garment in case your ventures don’t require staying the night and it can also double as a water proof pack cover. Now, we can’t imagine wearing the thing you sleep in day in and day out being pleasant on a serious expedition, but for ultralight backpackers interested in a quick jaunt in the outback, the JakPak could be handy. To see how it works, check out the video on the next page.

Buy Now: $250

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