Camping Essentials for a Weekend on the Water

Canoe camping gear by Sanborn Canoes.


It all started when a group of friends, brought together by an annual canoe trip, decided to build a canoe for themselves. Two from the group, cousins Zak Fellman and Todd Randall, merged this experience with stories their grandfather had told them about canoe-building and founded Sanborn Canoe Co. Everything, from the brand’s wool beanies to their canoe paddles, is inspired by the art and culture of canoeing’s golden age. Below are four of these products, sure to inspire a canoe camping trip of your own.

Firestarter Kit


Stay warm with this kit that includes eight cedar fire starters, a waterproof match safe, matches (where shipping permits), and kindling collected from Sanborn Canoe Co.’s Minnesota shop floor.

Buy Now: $22

Camp Coffee Kit


Enjoying your coffee in the wild couldn’t be easier. A stylish waxed canvas pouch holds a hand grinder, AeroPress, coffee paddle, 12-ounce bag of Dogwood Coffee and mugs for two.

Buy Now: $199

Carbon Gunflint Paddle


This paddle is made of western red cedar and aspen and features painted carbon backing, making it as light and durable as it is beautiful. Each paddle is made to order.

Buy Now: $245

Leather Paddle Hanger Kit


The only hanger befitting an artisanal paddle. Each hanger is made of heavy-duty 8/9-ounce leather and handcrafted in Minnesota.

Buy Now: $16

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