Canyon's New Strive CFR Is 'Faster Than Ever' and Coming in Hot

Are you ready to top the podium with this enduro bike?

canyon strive cfr

Our story begins in 2014 — a time long ago and far away, when things were simpler. Guardians of the Galaxy was the top-grossing film of the year. Running was the most popular outdoor activity (long before the bike boom of 2020.) And Fabien Barel rode the Canyon Strive to victory in the EWS Finale Ligure, cementing its place as one of the fastest bikes in the game.

Now, eight years since that pivotal moment, Canyon is dropping some very exciting news on us: it's releasing the Strive CFR, a brand-new version of the Strive, redesigned and rebuilt to be faster than ever. A real speed demon.

canyon strive

So, what's different? We're glad you asked. First, since Canyon's new Spectral and Torque platforms own the 29” trail and freeride categories, the brand has been freed up to turn the Strive CFR into the racer it was meant to be. That meant retooling the head tube angle to be slacker, implementing a higher ride height and bottom bracket height and making a smoother, quieter ride. The wheelbase has been lengthened, the stiffness has been improved and the kinematics have been updated, all while preserving the agility and handling that separates the Strive CFR from the pack.

canyon strive shapeshifter tech
Boris Beyer

Canyon left its geometry adjustment Shapeshifter system alone; paired with the Strive CFR's updated geometry and 160 mm of rear travel, the system shines just the way it is. The tube profiles have been optimized to increase stiffness in the front triangle, while still leaving enough play to grab max traction. Canyon's team increased the durability at key points along the frame, extending the bike's life and performance. Even with all this strengthening, the 2,700 gram frame still weighs just 100 grams more than the lightweight Spectral.

canyon maxxis bike
The Strive CFR Underdog.
canyon maxxis bike
The Strive CFR. 

The Strive CRF comes in two models: the Underdog, created for riders who want high performance value without the higher price tag, and the Strive CFR, for professional-grade riders looking for a little extra edge.

Starting today, both bikes will be available to order in all markets outside the United States on Wednesday April 20, 2022 at

In the United States, the Strive CFR will launch in the fall for $7,299.

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