When you think of mushrooms, what comes to mind? Sauteed with a little butter? The cremini variety that populates grocery store produce sections? Or the magic dried variety best eaten in nature, with friends?

If you've been into wellness for the last few years, you've undoubtedly seen mushrooms pop up more frequently in the general conversation, and in more creative food and drink combinations. There are teas, supplements, gummies and creamer, but our favorite mushroom-infused health trend by far is mushroom coffee. Blending together the adaptogenic properties of fungi with the energizing effects of caffeine, mushroom coffee claims to provide balanced and immune-boosting energy throughout the day.

What is an adaptogenic mushroom, anyway?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are mushrooms that may help reduce the effects of stress on your body. Adaptogens include many natural substances that help to provide a normalizing effect on the body during times of stress, and include herbs like ashwagandha, ginseng, turmeric and maca.

Which mushrooms will I find in my coffee?

The most popular adaptogenic mushrooms to be infused in coffee are: cordyceps, Lion's Mane, chaga and reishi, but you may find others included, depending on your brand's formulation. Each mushroom has its own benefits: cordyceps is known to provide support for performance and energy, while Lion's Mane is famous for soothing anxiety. Chaga is considered the "King of Mushrooms", and is believed to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and reishi is famous for its potential to combat the effects of stress, its ability to boost the immune system and its ability to alleviate fatigue.

Does mushroom coffee taste like mushrooms?

Nope! It just tastes more similar to coffee. If you've got a sensitive palate, the coffee may taste a little earthier (depending on how many milligrams of the good stuff are included) but for the vast majority of people, this will just be very reminiscent of a nice cup of joe.

a cup of rasa coffee

Best Overall

four sigmatic coffee
Four Sigmatic’s instant packs are ideal for camping, traveling and when you’re short on time in the morning.
Hayley Helms


Four Sigmatic Think Mushroom Coffee


  • Jitter-free focus

  • Specific caffeine content not available

When it comes to taste, availability and price, Four Sigmatic can't be beat. The mushroom-infused brews have taken over specialty grocery stores and chains like Whole Foods alike and helped introduce the idea of mushroom coffee to the mainstream zeitgeist.

Four Sigmatic has multiple mushroom and coffee combinations, based on the desired effect of the drinker. Our favorite is Think: using lions mane mushrooms, which have been shown in clinical trials to improve focus and mental function, the blend is the ideal mix for anyone who needs both the jolt of energy from caffeine and the focus of lions mane.

Mushrooms per serving: 500 milligrams

Caffeine per serving: N/A

Best Upgrade

coffee cup next to contain of mushroom coffee
You can drink Mudwtr straight up like black coffee — though, it’s more akin to masala chai — or you can add coconut MCT creamer and top with your favorite steamed milk for a latte.
John Zientek

Mudwtr 30 serving :Rise


Founded in 2018, Mudwtr blends masala chai, cacao and turmeric with California-sourced mushrooms like chaga, reishi, lion’s man and cordyceps. The flavor is described by the brand as the hippy love child of chai and hot coco, with earthly, spicy and chocolatey notes.

Unlike other mushroom coffees, Mudwtr embraces the spices and caffeine of masala chai to serve as the base of its Rise blend (the brand also offers a caffeine-free version for the evening utilizing rooibos chai). To appeal to a variety of coffee drinkers, Mudwtr also offers a coconut and MCT creamer and a coconut sugar and lúcuma sweetener to adjust the flavor profile to individual preferences. A 20-calorie cup of Mudwtr delivers noticeable uplift and alertness without the typical coffee rush. It embraces non-coffee flavors but ultimately tastes familiar and leaves you feeling light and clear-headed.

Mushrooms per serving: 562 milligrams

Caffeine per serving: ~14 milligrams

Best Taste

wunderground brainchild coffee
Whimsical branding sets Wunderground apart from other coffees on the shelf.
Hayley Helms

Wunderground Brainchild Ground Coffee


  • Great packaging, even better flavor

  • Only available online

New to the coffee scene, Wunderground was launched in 2021 with a focus on improving specialty coffees with the addition of adaptogenic mushrooms. Its coffee is purchased directly from smallholder farms, roasted and combined with adaptogenic mushrooms, whose purpose is to balance out the jitters and anxiety produced by caffeine on its own.

The brand launched with two coffee blends and one tea – Hocus Pocus and Brainchild coffees and Dream Supply tea. The coffees come in either grounds or an individual instant mix packet while the tea only comes exclusively in the instant mix packet.

Wunderground has a richness and smoothness of taste that's hard to find outside of a coffee shop. Like Brainchild is the brand's energy-boosted concoction, and relies on Lion's Mane and cordyceps mushrooms plus premium Arabica coffee to produce a balanced and energizing brew. For the coffee nerds out there, Wunderground says its medium roast features tasting notes of milk chocolate, graham cracker and apricot, and that the taste is buttery with a pleasant acidity.

Mushrooms per serving: 500 milligrams of mushrooms per 12 ounce cup

Caffeine per serving: ~80 milligrams

Best Low Caffeine Content

host defense mycobrew coffee
Small package, large impact.
Hayley Helms

Host Defense MycoBrew Instant Coffee


  • Ethically produced

  • Not for the high-caffeine addict

If you haven't heard of Paul Stamets, he's considered the father of the medicinal mushroom movement. (We suggest watching Fantastic Fungi to get to know his story a little better.) Stamets has an incredible depth of knowledge when it comes to mushrooms, and his brand, Host Defense, makes an array of mushroom-infused supplements, coffees, teas and more to promote optimal health and function.

We brought the MycoBrew Instant Coffee Packets with us on a recent camping trip, and were impressed with the bold and bright flavor that came from the little packets. With half the amount of caffeine of a traditional cup, and the second-most amount of mushrooms per serving on this list, this coffee is ideal for someone looking to break their dependence on the beverage, while still enjoying a cup every morning. It gave us just the right amount of pep in our step for a week immersed in nature, but if you need an extra boost, you may want to try another one of the coffees on this list.

Mushrooms per serving: 1,400 milligrams

Caffeine per serving: 39 milligrams

Best DIY

super mush mushroom spray
Not technically a mushroom coffee, but great for the DIY-ers out there.
Hayley Helms

Supermush Daily Mouth Spray Bundle

$72.00 (20% off)

  • Easy to travel with

  • Flavor is better mixed with a beverage

There will be times and trips when it doesn't make sense to pack and carry your favorite beans or ground coffee with you, and in those cases, rather than missing out on the benefits of mushrooms, we suggest DIY-ing your own mushroom-infused coffee.

Super Mush makes daily mouth sprays that are meant to promote immune health, energy and well-being. One days when we're short on time and have to grab a coffee from the cafe down the street, we slip one of the brand's spray bottles in our bag and make our own concoction on the go. It only takes three sprays to get the benefits of mushrooms, wherever you are. Our favorite spray is the Immune Defense formulation thanks to its honey and cinnamon recipe; it adds just the right amount of flavor (and adaptogenic support) to our iced Americano.

Mushrooms per serving: 523 milligrams

Caffeine per serving: N/A

Best Small Brand

Rasa Dirty


  • Supports ethical and fair trade production

  • Not widely available at brick and mortar

Much like Host Defense, Rasa's Dirty Mix is a blend of high mushroom content and low caffeine — the brand formulated this blend with a focus on the adaptogenic and healing properties of the shrooms, not getting you hyped up for the day.

Rasa's signature 12-herb blend includes roasted chicory, burdock and dandelion roots; eleuthero, shatavari, he shou wu, codonopsis, chaga mycelium, ashwagandha, rhodiola, Ceylon cinnamon and reishi extract, all of which are organic. Paired with the adaptogen blend is fair-trade coffee sourced only from women-owned farms; this brew is focused on wellness at an individual level, as well in the community that contributes to it.

Adaptogens per serving: 1550 milligrams

Caffeine per serving: 35 milligrams

Best Athlete-Founded Brand

Laird Superfood Dark Roast Mushroom Coffee


  • Backed by science and research

  • High price per serving

You may have heard of Laird Hamilton before — he's only one of the best surfers on the planet, and has had made a name for himself in the health and wellness space through both his dedication to physical fitness, as well as his brand, Laird Superfood.

Hamilton's Dark Roast Ground Mushroom Coffee is made with Peruvian beans grown at an altitude of 4,000+ feet, and slow-roasted in small batches to maintain flavor and quality. The coffee's mushroom blend features the extracts of three superstars of the functional world: chaga, Lion's Mane and cordyceps.

Laird Superfood cultivates its organic mushrooms in the USA on organic white milo (sorghum), which is naturally gluten free. The brand uses extracts, rather than a mushroom powder, which allows for a greater amount of beta-D-glucans (soluble fibers from mushroom fruiting bodies that may lower risk of heart disease). The low acidity of the beans and the wellness-focused mushroom blend come together in a bold, smooth brew that promises to wake up your mind as well as your body.

Laird Superfood doesn't disclose the amount of extracts in each serving, or the entire container so those looking for precise dosages or brand transparency may want to look elsewhere.

Mushrooms per serving: N/A

Caffeine per serving: N/A

Best Budget Pick

califia farms mushroom coffee
Delicious and pre-made means a hassle-free morning.
Hayley Helms


Califia Farms Cold Brew Mushroom Coffee


  • Pre-made makes this brew hassle-free

  • Doesn't disclose how many milligrams of mushrooms are actually in product

Mushroom coffees are priced pretty similarly to one another — the key differentiator is in the price per serving, which takes a little calculating to arrive at. Many of the companies on this list provide a price per serving note on their websites, but some don't so we did the math for you.

Coming out on top in terms of affordability was Califia Farms Cold Brew Mushroom Blend, which is not only cheaper than all of the other coffees on this list but also pre-made, so even more appealing for those of us that don't have time for a 30-minute coffee-making experience every morning. This unsweetened elixir is made from cold-brewed, 100-percent arabica beans and fortified with organic extracts of cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushrooms. It's got a smooth taste all on its own, but I like to add a little bit of unsweetened almond milk to mine for a little bit more creaminess.

Though this is the most affordable mushroom coffee, Califia doesn't disclose the amount of extracts in each serving, or the entire container so those looking for precise dosages or brand transparency may want to look elsewhere.

Mushrooms per serving: N/A

Caffeine per serving: 150 milligrams