This Startup Is Making an EDC Pocket Knife You’ll Actually Use

Titanium and vanadium-infused steel, all in a package no bigger than a house key.


On October 25, a Detroit-based startup called WESN Goods caught fire on Kickstarter. Its first-ever product, a gorgeous titanium EDC pocket knife called simply the WESN, surpassed its funding goal in just 60 minutes. What makes the WESN so special is its size — at 2.25 inches when closed, it’s no bigger than a house key, making it a pocket knife you’ll actually want to carry every day. The titanium body is exceptionally light and strong; the heat-treated, Vanadium-infused stainless steel blade is harder and more rust-resistant than ordinary steel. You can wear the WESN using the pocket-clip, or you can thread it onto your keys through the keychain hole. If you pledge $40 now, you’ll get your WESN by February 2018; pledge another $35, and you’ll get a custom leather sheath.

Buy Now: $40+

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