Long gone are the days of camping without fully charged electronics. You could rough it and hope the battery gods smile upon you, but if your situation requires more than light use of your devices - whether you’re creating content and want to keep drones, camera and laptops charged or you just want to make sure your devices stay powered up - BLUETTI is there. The green energy company has recently launched a new line of transportable solar power stations that are built tough and charge quickly. They're pretty much a game-changer for anyone who is car or van camping, doing extended work days in the field or those that simply want some reserve power at home in case of a power failure.

And even though camping, outdoor adventures and emergency situations seem like the only situations in which a solar-powered battery charger might come in handy, we think there are actually plenty of reasons to have gear like this on hand at home too.

      BLUETTI EB3A Solar Generator

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      Thanks to turbo-charging technology, the EB3A Solar Generator can go from 0 to 80% in only 30 minutes when simultaneously charging via its AC and solar inputs. An added bonus is that the battery cells in the EB3A are made up of lithium iron phosphate. which provides more than 2,500 life cycles. This upgraded performance equals less environmental impact.

      Weighing in at just over ten pounds, the EB3A is a cube, measuring close to 7" on a side, meaning it’s highly transportable, no matter where your adventures take you. The battery pack comes with a substantial nine ports, which should cover just about all of your needs. The posts include two AC outputs (600W in total), one 100W USB-C PD port, two 15W USB-A ports, two DC5521, one 12V10A cigarette lighter and one wireless charging pad. A built-in light makes finding those ports in the dock a breeze and easily does double duty as a camp light too.

      The EB3A's inputs are also abundant and make charging the battery bank about as easy as it is to draw power from it. The inputs include an AC, solar, a car cigarette lighter, and dual charging. Dual charging utilizes a combination of solar and cabled inputs in order to charge the battery fastest. For us, the most appealing input is of course the solar, but it’s to see how charging up the battery pack pre-trip from an AC cable, then leaning on solar inputs during a trip, would be the go-to move. Charging speed options also allow for users to select how fast they want to charge the battery. Faster speeds can increase heat and take a toll on the battery, while slower speeds are quieter and prolong overall battery life. Having these options is truly empowering for users who may be in a rush or have varying needs.

      man sitting next to bluetti solar powered generator at the beach

      Let’s look more closely at that solar input. The new EB3A comes with an upgraded BLUETTI PV120 or PV200 solar panel. Users can fully recharge the EB3A using BLUETTI’s PV200 solar panel in just two hours, and go off-grid anytime, from RV camping to wilderness exploration, with no fear of losing power or spending tons on alternate energy sources, like generators. This king of energy independence is especially relevant and appealing given the rising costs of natural gas and oil in recent months.

      The EB3A's newly updated high-contrast display is winning fans thanks to its functional design which provides just enough info in a clean and concise way. You'll see the state of charge in percent front and center and then input and output watts on each side. The screen turns off automatically after 30 seconds to conserve power.

      Controls are not limited to the unit’s display. An IOS/Android smartphone provides users with an additional way to monitor and control the EB3A, right from the palms of their hands. On the app, which connects via Bluetooth, users will find a clear display that shares the state of charge, solar and wall charging ouput and output power. You can power down the unit from the app and control the flashlight as well. You can also control charging speed and eco modes from the app. The unit also provides wireless power to phones. Just set your device on top to charge.

      Solar battery chargers are now essential pieces of gear, not just for those camping or spending time in the field who need to charge cameras, drones, laptops and other devices. A well-made solar-powered battery charger can work wonders around the home too, whether you’re throwing a party in the backyard and want to power a portable projector or stereo system, looking to power gear in a shed, or just want reserve power on hand in case of a blackout or power failure.

      With its super-fast charging capabilities and amazing size - it’s one of the smallest solar battery charging battery packs on the market - the BLUETTI EB3A really is a remarkable piece of gear for home and for adventures. This is made possible thanks to some of the high-tech equipment that’s packed into the small unit, namely a powerful 600W Inverter, which is something you typically see in much larger battery packs.

      man sitting on cooler next to kid holding a football while sitting in a foldable chair in a field using bluetti charging station

      Considering its compact size with the intuitive display and sensible front port design - literally, everything is right there in front of you - the BLUETTI EB3A becomes a pretty obvious choice for those looking for a battery pack that will help keep them powered up and energy independent. Of course, we love the solar charging capabilities most, but no matter where your adventures take you - in an RV, #vanlife camping, parts unknown, or just around the house - you’ll make the most of it by having the BLUETTI EB3A on hand.

      BLUETTI offers quality performance at a price that won't break the bank. EB3A is now available with early bird pricing:


      Price: $299 $249 (17% off compared to original price $299. For a limited time only).

      EB3A + 1*PV200 Solar Panel

      Price: $798 $649 (19% off compared to original price $798. For a limited time only).

      EB3A and 1*PV120 Solar Panel

      Price: $598 $479 (20% off compared to original price $598. For a limited time only).

      Get an extra $10 OFF for the EB3A with the code BLUETTIEB3A. Customers can get the lowest price of $239 for the EB3A power station before June 22nd.

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