Two Boutique Outdoor Brands Are Changing the Water Bottle Carrying Game

Bottle Bag_01 is the EDC you never knew you needed — until now.

hikerkind bottle

What happens when you take two New York-based boutique outdoor brands, both with an eye for design and a passion for quality, and combine their powers? The result may look something like the Bottle Bag_01, a recent collaborative effort between Hikerkind and Allmansright.

Haven't heard of either of these brands before? You're probably not alone — both are relatively new on the scene, and unlike most outdoor brands, city-borne. Hikerkind is a Brooklyn-based women’s hiking gear company and NYC based Hike Club founded by Chelsea Rizzo and Allison Levy, and Allmansright is a Bronx-based ultralight gear lab helmed by Livio Melo and his wife and Allmansright’s cofounder, Jennifer Jacobsson.

hikerkind x allmansright bottle bag
Inspired by the elements, designed to withstand them. 
hikerkind x allmansright
Stay hydrated in town, or on the trail with the Bottle Bag_01.

Their made-to-order collaboration bottle bag is a piece of EDC treasure that works just as well in town as it does on the trail. The Bottle Bag_01 is hand-crafted in the Bronx, and features a cross-body, adjustable shoulder strap angled to rest comfortably against your body. The body of the bag is made with ultra-durable Xpac VX21, a composite sailcloth material, Cordura and an adjustable monofilament mesh collar. Meant to pair with the Water Bottle_01, the Bottle Bag_01 adds functionality to your 'fit.

Hikerkind's co-founder Rizzo says of the collaborative effort: "A hike is simply setting out with a destination in mind and a plan to put one foot in front of the other until you arrive. For some, that’s in your local park and for others, that’s in the remote mountains — for both, ultralight gear can get you there." That attitude is shared by Allmansright, whose brand ethos is "nature is for everyone."

"This collab hopefully signals to what we’ve only suspected exists, New York’s strong yet underlying outdoorist culture," adds Melo. "Outdoor industry panel talks are filling up, hiking clubs are leading masses, and the emergence of Hikerkind and Allmansright, just to name a few, speaks to a demand to be both a New Yorker and outdoors person. "

The Bottle Bag_01 is made using recycled materials and sustainable practices, and draws inspiration from the "coarseness of a journey and the beauty in simplicity" that comes from daily weathering and use.

If you're looking for an upgrade to your EDC and outdoor kit that supports local manufacturing, is made to last and gives you a unique vibe, purchase one of these bags now. For sale in limited quantities, you can pick one up on and by appointment at Hikerkind’s retail space in Brooklyn.

Hikerkind x Allmansright Bottle Bag_01
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