These Limited-Edition, Upcycled Chalk Bags Are a Great Upgrade for Your Climbing Kit

Greater Goods x Field Mag reimagined the chalk bag, and made one built from discarded and upcycled materials.

chalk bags hanging on a brick wall

Fringe is in. Once relegated to an off-beat corner of the outdoor world, in the last 20 years, (and much more noticeably in the last three), climbing has reached meteoric numbers. In 2019, more than 2 million Americans climbed outside, according to a 2020 report from the Outdoor Foundation. And post-pandemic, the numbers are continuing to climb (pun intended).

Whether you're a beginner or you're climbing 5.15 D routes, your kit is both an extension of your personality and a testament to safety and quality. It can also be an expression of your values: case in point, these limited-edition, upcycled chalk bags from London's Greater Goods and Field Mag.

Existing at the intersection of sustainability, authenticity and quality, the capsule is a run of 20 upcycled chalk bags and buckets for climbing, cut and sewn individually of 100 percent used and discarded technical outerwear. (For legal reasons, Field Mag x Greater Goods can't name names when it comes to the brands they're sourcing from, but suffice it to say, they are of quality).

Field Mag founder Graham Hiemstra said of the project, "To make attractive, useful new products from old discarded outerwear is both sustainable and inspiring. Now, to have the opportunity to collaborate on a collection of all-new designs, that’s what makes all the hard work storytelling worth it."

The USA-exclusive Greater Goods x Field Mag Climbing Collection draws inspiration from the climbing scene in NYC, where climbers send year round, surrounded by concrete and chaos, from Rat Rock to GP81. Every aspect of construction is post-consumer waste, from the Gore-Tex outer layers to the Cordura liner and fleece interior.

The 10 chalk bags and 10 buckets are each one-of-one; they're never be reproduced, and due to the nature of their upcycled and vintage elements, cannot be recreated. For the discerning climber that cares not only about quality, but about individuality and self-expression, these bags are an easy buy.

Greater Goods x Field Mag Chalk Bag (Green)
Greater Goods x Field Mag Chalk Bucket (Blk 1)

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