Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT

High Tech Hoodie

Triple Aught Design continues to swing for the fences this year. This time with a comprehensive update of their already rock solid Stealth Hoodie. After ten years of excellent service TAD went back to the drawing board and put a decade’s worth of product testing to good use.

The resulting Stealth Hoodie LT ($475) three layer soft shell features enough Schoeller technology to give a stealth Blackhawk a run for the money. This includes Schoeller: C_change, 3XDry, and Coldblack with an abrasion resistant face.

The C_change membrane truly is a game changer by actually adapting to the temperature both inside and out. When it’s hot or in the presence of body moisture, the pores of C_change open to channel heat and moisture away from the body. If it’s cold or no body moisture is present, the pores close, keeping your body heat within. Combined with 3XDry and Coldblack it forges an extremely adaptable jacket that depending on the layering pieces used (e.g. Ranger Hoodie LT) can easily go from hot and humid locales to bitterly cold ones. Can one of your jackets do that?

In typical Triple Aught Design fashion the Stealth Hoodie LT is offered in three subdued colors black, UE Grey (UE=”Urban Environment”) and ME Green (ME=”Multi Environment”) because in their words “Why hike miles into the wilderness only to disrupt the landscape with unnatural hues?” Why indeed.

Buy Now: $475

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