The Miniature Crossbow You Never Knew You Wanted

Hone your archery skills anywhere at anytime with one of Uncommon Carry’s many crossbow options. Let target practice commence.

Uncommon Carry


Grab q-tips, matches or toothpicks and practice your point and shoot skills with one of the amazing many miniaturized and fully functional crossbows Uncommon Carry offers. The Bowman lets you launch ammo (of the non-lethal kind) anywhere you please with a range of 30 to 50 feet, while the BB Sniper can shoot a target up to 15 meters away. They’re all handmade from durable stainless steel and sold in gold, silver or black, so matching your office or home accents is a breeze. Just be sure to turn off the AC or heat before you start firing —- wouldn’t want to mess up your arch. Then place it back on its included stand for everyone to admire once you’re done practicing for the day.

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