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This New E-Bike from Rad Power Bikes Is Pefect for Your Inner Child

What could be more fun and carefree than an electric tricycle?

electric tricycle

Rad Power Bikes is familiar with infusing fun (a.k.a. power) into a wide variety of bike designs. But their newest offering, available for pre-order now, was designed for the inner child in all of us: The RadTrike Electric Tricycle is the brand’s most-requested model, and after several years of development, it's this close to being in your possession.

Why a tricycle? Second to it being the brand’s most-requested model, Rad Power Bikes developed the tricycle to add a stability-oriented ride to its fleet. This isn’t your kitted out, top-of-the-line electric mountain bike, and that’s the point; this is for cruising, for taking the scenic route, for fun.

electric tricycle
This could be you: Riding your electric tricycle through town, transforming your commute from lackluster to lively with the twist of the throttle.

Boasting a range of 55-plus miles per charge and a carrying capacity of 415 pounds (with a 325-lb max rider weight), the RadTrike is powered by a 750-watt motor, and features a frame design that was engineered to accommodate a variety of rider weights and body types.

The RadTrike’s focus on accessibility is demonstrated by a few select features. The fold down feature allows for quick and simple storage in small spaces, and makes it easy to load into vehicles with lower clearance. The step-thru frame design provides ample room to get on and off the bike easily. Five levels of pedal-assist make hills a breeze instead of a burden, and Rad Power Bikes threw a throttle on the trike, as well. The redesigned 10Ah/450Wh battery has pretty decent range at just over 50 miles, and the 415-pound capacity means you can haul yourself and your gear around town.

If you’re interested in a utility-driven, playfully-designed electric bike to make commuting, recreating and riding a little more fun, you can pre-order the RadTrike Electric Tricycle now. Rad Power Bikes says on its site that the bikes are expected to start shipping on January 25, 2023, so you won’t have long to wait.


Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Electric Tricycle


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