Brite Strike EPLI

Lite, Light Bright


First things first, EPLI stands for Executive Precision Lighting Instrument ($60) and though we’re ambivalent on the government issue acronym, we do like what it offers: a slim form factor tactical light. Made from requisite high-grade aircraft aluminum with a military spec graphite anodized finish, the EPLI uses two AAA batteries to power its dazzling Cree LED, which is housed within a special polished steel reflector. But make no mistake, this pen-sized light is far more powerful than your penlight. Three settings offer either a daylight color-tuned 160 lumen beam for an outright manhunt, 160 lumen strobe for notification or distraction, and a low-power 10 lumen setting for less judicious situations — you know, like finding your keys on the car floor.

Buy Now: $60

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