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Why the Hell Are Outdoor Brands Selling Insulated Shorts?

Why not just wear pants?


We’ve noticed an interesting trend in the outdoor space, and frankly, we don’t quite understand it: insulated shorts. From where we sit, those two things are incongruous. You wear shorts because it’s too hot to wear pants. You wear insulation because it’s too cold to leave skin exposed. So why then are outdoor brands leaning into this bizarre category? Is there a segment of the population that has extremely warm calves but cold thighs? Is there something we’re missing? If you’re interested in trying out a pair of these genre-bending outdoor oddities, below are the most interesting ones to check out.

2L Octa Short by Snow Peak $250

Burlap Outfitter x Englemann by Natal Design ~$212

Swisswool Piz Boe Shorts by Ortovox $150

Endure Shorts by Houdini ~$173

Keb Padded Knickers by Fjällräven ~$226

Atmosphere Shorts by Jack Wolfskin $70

HadanoM. Shorts by Maloja Learn More: Here

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