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Ecco shoes have been known for dress and casual comfort. We’ve sampled some great oxfords and loafers in the office, but running shoes never really came to mind… until now. Ecco has released the Biom line, which essentially enhances your natural running motion, something heavily cushioned shoes don’t promote. We’ve gotten so used to deep cushioning that we spend less time thinking about how our feet actually strike the ground when we’re moving. The Biom B 2.2 aims to change all that and we had the privilege of testing them during training.

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The diminished cushioning won’t automatically change your running style, but it can contribute to a more natural running motion, one where the runner builds more foot strength by striking more mid and forefoot. Training for a half marathon has been more pleasurable (relatively speaking, of course) due to the fact that the numbness of running on a deeply cushioned shoe has been replaced by better “road” feel. You become more aware of how your feet are striking the ground and, as a result, you’re more intentional in establishing a running style. The rounded heel enhances the mid/forefoot strike. As a result of making the switch from a heavily cushioned shoe to the Biom B, arch and heel pain are essentially gone and a cleaner stride has been achieved, at least on this amateur level. A more serious running might see bigger improvements.The performance on concrete, asphalt, sand and gravel was impressive, as well. Not something that was expected.

Aesthetically, it truly is a different looking shoe, less conventional but not retro, either. The highly breathable textile mesh upper adds to the Biom B’s lightness and the overall feel is refreshing by creating a conforming environment with just the right amount of structure from the synthetic webbed overlay. The minimalist design is purposeful, and the bright colors make up for any lack of fancy adornment. At $195, the Biom B isn’t a cheap shoe, but it’s changed the running game, at least for this author. And that’s saying something.

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Photos by Renae Brossman

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