Bergmönch Downhill Wheeler



The Bergmönch is designed to provide the best of both worlds for mountain bikers. Adrenaline junkies can haul the “device” up the summit of their choice as a collapsible rucksack — complete with a weight distributing waist strap and padded harness. Once the hard work is over, the bag can then mutate into a downhill-optimized thrill ride. You’ll notice we’ve avoided using the term bike, because the Bergmönch isn’t just a portable take on standard trail runners. Instead, it’s more like an ultra-light scooter that’s been optimized to alleviate the pressure put on one’s knees during a descent by forcing riders to stand or kneel, instead of sitting. In fact, the name Bergmönch means “Mountain Monk” in German — not triple cheeseburger. A larger front wheel paired with the smaller rear wheel also makes the Bergmönch much easier to steer once gravity takes over. Unfortunately, you’ll need to earn more than a simple man of the cloth if to afford this $2,150 rolling ejection seat. Available only at select European alpine shops.

Buy Now: $2,150

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