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Grain Surfboards

Instead of riding a disposable foam board you’re likely to toss after a few seasons, switch back to wood and ride a hand-crafted board built to last a lifetime. Using just one-third of the wood required for traditional boards, Grain Surfboards are predominantly made from Northern White Cedar wrapped around a mahogany frame. Super light and incredibly durable, these boards perform as well as thye look — and compared to their foam and fiberglass counterparts, feel livelier and ride with more energy and momentum down the wave. Added momentum translates to better drop-ins, faster speed and an overall softness unlike anything you’ve experienced in the foam world. The Root, our favorite, is a 9′ classic longboard, starts at $1850 and takes a month to complete. If you’re into DIY and saving money, Grain Surfboards even offers Home Grown Kits that take fifty to eighty hours to complete.

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Photos by Nick Lavecchia

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