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What Burton Athlete Kimmy Fasani Packs for Summer Snowboard Trips

As a travel and snow-expert, Fasani shares her top gym bag picks to stay in shape, no matter where her job takes her.

Jesse Dawson

Since age nine, Kimmy Fasani has been ripping up the slopes on a snowboard. At fifteen, she won the USASA National Slopestyle Crown — and then repeated that feat for two more years. She was the first female snowboarder to ever land a double backflip and has continued to trailblaze her way through the snowboarding world, collecting a Rider of the Year win from Snowboarder in 2017 along with countless other nominations and awards.

Most recently, she worked on a video with Absinthe Films trekking to Haines, Alaska to film her part. She continues to push the limits of snowboarding, carving a place for herself in the history books. We caught up with Fasani before her summer of travel to ask her what gear is necessary for her training, and how she packs for a month-long trip to New Zealand.

Kimmy Fasani’s Gear

Hoka One One Speed Goat 2

“I always travel with running shoes, and I use Hoka One Ones for that — so I try to find trails. Right now, I try to run three to four days a week, but also try to hike so I’m doing [something] five to six days a week. I wear [these] on the trail for hiking too — the Speed Goats are an all-around hiking/running shoe. I’ve also had some injuries and they make it feel less daunting.”

Buy Now: $140

Zeal Optics Magnolia

“I always travel with a pair of sunnies or two, and these are my Zeal Optics sunnies. I try to switch it up because Zeal makes a great variety of sunglasses, but because I always find myself active, I find the Magnolia is a great fit for that. They’re still fashionable, so when I’m walking around town it doesn’t look like I have a super techy pair of sunglasses on. But when I’m running they wrap a bit, so they protect my eyes from the wind as well. I’m all about the universal products that I can wear [all day long].

Buy Now: $149

Burton Annex Backpack

“I usually travel with one bag, and my favorite one is a Burton bag called the Annex backpack. I love it because it’s got lots of pockets and I can put things in all different places and find them easily. And it’s big enough where I can stuff everything in, but it’s still super comfortable for those long travel days.”

Buy Now: $70

CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bar

“I always have snacks in my bag and Clif bars are my essential. Those are great for the backcountry, hiking and on airplanes when you don’t want to eat the food. I always have a few bars in my bag and they have these new Fruit Smoothie Filled ones, which are amazing. They also have Nut Butter Filled ones, that are great because they give me a lot more protein and it’s like I’m having nut butter with granola. It’s a really balanced blend of protein and carbs. I like the almond butter flavor — chocolate is great — but I try not to have sweets all the time. I would say the coconut almond butter is delicious.”

Buy Now: $1.79

Kimmy Bib

“The number one thing I always bring is the Kimmy Bib. It’s a Burton [ak] Kimmy Bib with Gore-Tex that is super reliable, breathable and technical, but also has really good fit. It’s my go-to pant.”

Women: $294 Men: $406+

Burton Family Tree Story Board Snowboard

“Most importantly I ride a Burton Storyboard, which is part of the Family Tree series of boards. I pair that with the new Step On binding, which is a really simple way of getting in and out of your bindings. There are no straps and it makes it so that I’m way more efficient — that’s what I rode throughout my whole pregnancy, and I really was into it. It’s just been a great, convenient piece for me to make my strapping in process a lot quicker.

Women: $420 Men: $420

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