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TaylorMade Ghost Spider Putter

White Widow


With the success of the original Spider Putter, TaylorMade has brought back the Ghost Spider Putter ($180), this time with a fresh coat of paint and a new face insert. Turns out the white finish is 80% more reflective than traditional black providing a sharper image for better mental focus. That may not seem like a big deal until you consider that TaylorMade found that 65% of all golfers are not square to the hole from 12 feet. In layman’s terms, that means you just missed your putt.

To fix this problem, TaylorMade has imparted the Spider putter with a new black alignment aid to provide maximum contrast and give golfers better visual feedback if they aren’t squared up properly. The face insert is Surlyn and incorporates the company’s new Pure Roll technology to promote forward roll, accuracy, and control. Like the original, the Ghost Spider has Moveable Weight Technology, so you can fine tune the weighting just the way you like it.

We’ve played an onslaught of rounds with the Ghost Spider and can testify that this putter rolls great putts. The combination of better alignment and more top spin is immediately noticeable. It’s an invigorating feeling to know you have a legitimate shot to drain any putt that’s outside the gimme range — even long lag putts seem to cozy up to the hole. The Pure Roll face is solid without being hard or unresponsive and the added top spin meant we could swing easy and still get the ball to the hole with enough pace to hold our line. It’s certainly a lot of putter but the white finish and smooth feel make it an easily manageable one. Besides, this putter boasts an amazingly high moment of inertia, which frankly, most of us can use.

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