Premium Materials Make This New Everyday Pocket Knife Awesome

Real Steel Knives has added a new folding pocket knife to its collection. At first glance, it looks like a standard utility folder.


In celebration of its fifth year in business, the Chinese knife maker Real Steel is adding to its collection of avian-named pocket knives with the Harrier. The new model features a 3.54-inch drop-point blade with a talon-like flipper tab for fast opening and a frame lock handle adorned with carbon fiber inlays that protrude from the titanium handle to provide additional grip. The Harrier’s lock bar — a hardened insert applied to a frame lock knife to increase the handle’s longevity — has also been upgraded with an extra ball to minimize friction further when opening and closing the blade.

By shape and dimension, the Harrier’s blade is characteristic of many everyday carry folding pocket knives, but it sets itself apart with a construction of premium CTS-204P steel, which boasts first-rate wear resistance, corrosion resistance and edge retention. Selection of knife blade steel typically involves a choice of tradeoffs between hardness and toughness as well as edge retention and resistance to wear and corrosion, but the steel used in the Harrier allows it to strike a balance between them all, maximizing utility for the user.

Buy Now: $345

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