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Orvis x Winkler Limited Edition Knife

Fixed Hunter


Crafting knives since 1975, Daniel Winkler draws inspiration for his blades from an era when essential equipment was vital to a woodsman’s livelihood — the 18th century. Unyielding quality would be a misnomer in describing this master bladesmith’s handiwork; instead, the caliber of workmanship Winkler fashions is that of a supreme virtuoso.

Partnering with Orvis, this Limited Edition Winkler Knife ($1500) released for 2011 is no exception. Each blade has its own unique Damascus pattern, fashioned into an elk antler handle. The handle is artfully crafted with a tapered tang and hand file work at the thumb position. The included sheath is rawhide-covered leather featuring an adjustable neck strap, quilled band fringe decoration with antique beads, tin comes, horse hair, and bone hair pipes, each adding distinct woodsy character. Only 15 of these limited edition fixed-blade knives have been made. After all, craftsmanship like this shouldn’t be overproduced.

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