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These Ultralight Smoking Devices Are Perfect for Adventure

When a well-known bike maker experimented with titanium welding he created a new product: ultralight pipes that are perfect for the outdoors.


A lot of great ideas have come through accidents. Champagne, potato chips — even the humble Slinky came to be through a US naval engineer’s attempts to develop a manner of suspending mechanical instruments aboard ships that could negate the tossing of rough seas. A well-known and award-winning custom bike maker, who shall go unnamed here, stumbled upon his own discovery in his attempts to learn how to weld titanium: water pipes.

Dangle Supply’s pipes have found their fandom in campers and hikers, mainly due to the titanium construction that makes them notably more outdoors-friendly than the tye-dye glassware found at the local headshop. The pieces, which come in various shapes and sizes of portability, are clean in profile (much like their maker’s bicycles) and unadorned, minus a D-shaped loop that can be used to lash it to the exterior of a backpack. They also weigh next to nothing, which makes them a viable trail accessory for the ultralight crowd too. Pack one along with some other accidental inventions (a bag of Lay’s and a Slinky are almost stereotypically fitting here) and head into the woods — just don’t get lost.

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