This Is Everything We Want from Mountain Bike Clothing

Velocio, a New England road cycling brand, just revealed its first mountain bike kit.


Here’s an understatement: road cycling and mountain biking are are distinct from one another. Both involve pedaling bikes, but somehow one took a tributary through racing toward seriousness bordering on elitism (this is changing, thanks to a handful of groups and brands) while the other filtered into the realms of energy-drink-fueled action sports and outdoor adventure. These are of course generalizations, but it’s true that the cultures built around road cycling and mountain biking are entirely different, and as a result, the clothing worn in either is too.

Velocio’s just-announced mountain bike kits blur the boundary between cycling’s two branches. We know Velocio as the New England-born road brand that’s endorsed by pro cyclist Ted King, and we recognize its products as subtle, colorful, modest in design and first-rate in construction. These qualities are apparent in the new kits, which include a t-shirt, bib liner and short. The collection underplays the motocross-inspired look that’s so common in mountain biking apparel, going for solid colors instead and features that focus on comfort while riding — like chamois pads brought over from its popular Ultralight Bib and moisture-managing Polartec Delta fabric. It’s a real blending of the styles that define each sport, and that’s a good thing for both.

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