Best Made’s New Pants Look as Good as Its Axes

You know Best Made Co. for its stylish, hand-painted axes.


You might know Best Made Co. as the company that makes all of those fancy painted axes, and you’re right — the company’s first product was the axe, which it continues to manufacture in the USA with hardwood handles and alloy steel heads that keep the tool true to its original purpose. Best Made built on the success it saw with the axe by producing more practical items like toolboxes and enamel tableware, but this fall it’s diving deeper and more thoughtfully into apparel. Among the first products in the expanded effort are a collection of pants.

Like all Best Made products, each of the new pairs of pants weighs on a scale that balances practical utility and aesthetic beauty — think back to that axe and its painted handle. A central example of how this plays out is the RS Utility Pant, which combines a style drawn from US Armed Forces that dates back to the 1950s with a durable, windproof and water-resistant Japanese fabric. Further toward function on the spectrum is the Swift Pant, which is made of a cotton-nylon blend and would make a capable fall hiking companion. In the other direction is the Indigo Pincheck Utility Pant, and its style-focused rope-dyed pattern.

Each pant makes it clear that Best Made hasn’t lost its focus on usefulness, and that it will continue to approach clothing in the same way it does all of its products — with practicality sewn-in.

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