ITS Challenge Coin (Spy Coins Edition)

Covert Currency


If you have secrets you prefer remain that way, or just feel like reliving the rush of Cold War espionage (nuclear fallout notwithstanding), then the Spy Coin Edition ITS Challenge Coin ($30) is for you. For this variant, ITS and Spy Coins began with a nickel plated solid brass coin, then hollowed it out to conceal a micro SD card as opposed to the microfilm Cold War operatives were known to sock away. A short primer for the uninitiated: challenge coins have been around since WWII where they were made tradition — serving as symbol for soldiers to prove their membership in units. Today, there’s a thriving community centered around collecting these coins.

Author’s Note: Need more ideas on what to store on your hidden microSD card? Give this a read.

Buy Now: $30

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