The Best Flashlight on the Planet Just Landed, and Here’s Why You Need One

There are flashlights, and then there are the torches that Muyshondt Electric makes.


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In all our travels, we’ve discovered that a reliable light source can often be one of the most critical pieces of gear. But unlike a blade that can be honed or a garment that can be reconditioned, a flashlight needs to perform flawlessly, often at a moment’s notice, and with minimal maintenance. For us, the difference maker when choosing a light is durability. Enter Muyshondt Electric Torches.

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What is Muyshondt?

High Performance Meets High Design:
For over a decade, Muyshondt (pronounced moo-shont)has been perfecting their torch game. In that time, they’ve developed a system that utilizes the best of high-efficiency, high-performance electronics and combines them with premium manufacturing and design. With four staple silhouettes that range from the Maus, a small but powerful keychain light, to the Flieger, a sturdy 4 1/2 inch handheld torch, Muyshondt has captured a dogged following of avid outdoorsmen and bonafide explorers.

The Right Amount of Light:
The heart of Muyshondt’s line is their Light Engine technology. Most flashlights operate in a dipole on/off fashion, but Muyshondt’s Light Engine technology allows for multiple levels of intensity in the same torch without compromising visibility. To do this, the Light Engine smartly combines and regulates the lumens of multiple beams to give you the best illumination in close quarters (referred to as “flood”) and visibility at distance (“throw”). The user can then adjust the level of brightness as needed. For instance, following a trail on a nighttime hike might require the highest output, whereas checking a map or illuminating a tent or shelter would require far less. Controlling the output extends battery life when it’s most important.

Why buy a Muyshondt?

Superlative Construction:
Nearly every part of a Muyshondt Electric Torch is custom-tooled from the best materials on the planet. Milled by machine, meticulously hand-finished and assembled, each model is designed to maximize utility with simple and intuitive operation. Inside, the torches feature heatsinks made of solid copper which are then polished before gold plating is applied for an optimal thermal juncture to the copper-core LED board.

Down to the Smallest Detail:
Muyshondt’s detail-oriented approach continues inside. All the electronics are crafted with gold-plated circuit paths and fitted with specialty components. The cases —whether in copper, titanium, bronze or aluminum — employ a strong monocoque (single piece) design. They also feature tail caps sealed with custom o-rings to keep out moisture and dust. Other obsessive details — parabolic reflectors made by condensing metal onto the curved surface, trapezoidal threading versus the typical dent-prone triangular style and double anti-reflective-coated sapphire crystal lenses — underscore Muyshondt’s detail-oriented ethos and manufacturing precision.

Why Do You Need One?

Buy it Once:
If you’re anything like us, you’ve owned a lot of flashlights, and many have ended up in the junk drawer or even in the trash can. The truth is, most handheld lights on the market can’t hold up to the level many of us need. A Muyshondt Electric Torch, on the other hand, is suitable for extreme abuse in austere conditions.

Timeless Design:
The toughness of a tool — and this is certainly a tool — is something we always seek out, but its design and aesthetics are equally important if we’re going to keep it forever. Here, too, Muyshondt torches shine; the machined and knurled surfaces feel technical and purpose-built, while the streamlined silhouettes and lustrous finishes evoke class and high design, making them the kind of thing you’ll treasure as much as your hand-forged knife, vintage wristwatch or finely-made footwear.

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