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With This Device, Specialized Just Made Cycling Safer

Specialized’s tiny new device knows when a rider goes through a crash, and will automatically call for help if it’s needed.


Compared to riding motorcycles and extreme rock climbing, cycling can appear pretty benign. But it isn’t, not really — crashes happen all the time and can result in everything from minor scrapes to the gravest consequences imaginable. Helmets are the main thing going in regards to protection, and there’s some serious technology packed into that foam (ventilation, aerodynamics, protection from multi-directional impacts). But Specialized wanted more.

No matter how much protective gear you ride out with, if you’re alone when an accident occurs then even a minor incident can quickly become grave. Specialized’s answer is a small device called ANGi. ANGi (Angular and G-force indicator) is light enough to go unnoticed attached to the back of a helmet but contains an accelerometer and gyroscope that are programmed to detect crashes, even when the head isn’t struck.

According to Specialized, it designed ANGi to provide an added layer of protection before, after and during a ride. As previously described, the most obvious application here comes in the “during” and “after.” When a crash is detected, the device, which pairs to Specialized’s Ride app, begins a countdown on the rider’s connected smartphone (its duration can be set from 15 to 90 seconds). If the rider is okay, he or she can stop the countdown and continue on. If the countdown isn’t stopped before reaching zero, ANGi sends a notification that an accident has occurred along with GPS coordinates to a preprogrammed list of emergency contacts. But ANGi is also a ride tracker, so solo (or group) riders can set their ride and an expected return time before heading out and that same contact list can follow along. When cell service isn’t available, ANGi can also use this ride information to notify contacts when a cyclist doesn’t return home by the expected time.

ANGi is all about safer cycling, and as such it’s not going to increase the price of Specialized helmets that will now come equipped with it, and those that don’t have it will carry an attachment point for it.

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