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Snow Peak Titanium Flask

Zen and the Art of Carrying Whisky


Titanium, the wonder metal, is used for a variety of things, from surgical screws to watch cases to bicycle frames. It is known for its resistance to corrosion, its incredible strength to weight ratio and its bio-compatibility. It is also difficult to machine and fairly expensive. But forget all that. Titanium just looks cool, which is just about the only justification you need to pick up a Snow Peak Titanium Flask ($125). Sure, this flask won’t absorb heat or cold or taint the flavor of your whisky and you can carry it in your back pocket without fear of denting it when you sit down. But what makes this flask worth owning is its design.

Snow Peak, the Japanese company known for its minimalist titanium camping gear turned its expertise on the important problem of carrying whisky and this flask is the result. Perfectly round and smooth, it feels like an ocean-washed stone from a Zen rock garden. The etched logo in the matte gray metal is subtle and elegant and the fine threads of the cap (don’t lose it!) are a pleasure to use. Even the soft pouch it comes in has a touch of style that will make you the envy around the campfire. Make no mistake, this flask isn’t cheap but then neither is a good single malt.

Buy Now: $125

Photo by Gishani for Gear Patrol

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