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This Is the Underrated Piece of Camping Gear Everyone Needs

Tarps are as basic as camping gear gets, but they’re also equally versatile.


Amongst all of the ultralight and super-durable camping equipment that’s now available, the humble tarp remains a worthy inclusion in any gear collection. Even the cheap blue tarps commonly used for raking leaves and gardening can be reliably deployed as ground covers beneath tents or elevated for shelter. Tarps can become alternatives to tents or spread wide to provide coverage for a group; there are so many ways to use tarps in the outdoors, and it’s precisely that versatility that’s helped them stay relevant through the years.

But camping tarps can be technical too, and the latest from Kammok brings a level of function that you won’t get in a hardware store purchase. The Kuhli Pro debuts Kammok’s Amphibiskin X, a 15-denier seam-taped ripstop nylon that uses a reflective (but not in a shiny foil sort of way) interior to bounce heat back down into the space it protects. Its exterior is fully waterproof, and each of its ten guy line attachment points is reinforced with Hypalon, a flexible yet durable synthetic material known for its temperature and UV resistance. Depending on how you set it up, the Kuhli Pro offers over 108 square feet of coverage and weighs 26 ounces.

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