Could This Be the Most Innovative New Knife of 2019?

CRKT worked with knife maker Joe Casewell to create a pocket knife unlike any other.


Earlier this year, a knife maker named Joe Caswell created waves by introducing an entirely unique take on the folding pocket knife with a blade called the Morphing Karambit. Instead of folding downward into its handle, the knife uses a mechanism that draws the blade up and out, allowing users to not only open it with one hand but also to do so while maintaining a full grip on the handle. That innovation on its own makes the Morphing Karambit notable and helped it earn over $350,000.

Around the time of that Kickstarter campaign, Caswell dropped a hint that a major knife brand might bring his design to life as a more affordable production model, and CRKT just revealed that it would be the company to do that. Its version of the Morphing Karambit is called the Provoke, and it’s almost identical to the original but uses less-premium materials to create a more approachable price.

CRKT and Caswell have dubbed the distinctive opening mechanism “Kinematic,” and while it remains to be seen whether or not it’ll show up in future designs and different types of knives, the karambit makes a suitable point of entry since it can be held with the blade pointing back. Historically, karambits, which were created in Indonesia, have been used as weapons but it’s believed that they took after the sickle and were originally used for agricultural purposes, with the claw-like shape designed for slicing vegetation and churning up the earth. Today, karambits are used for everything, from martial arts to emergency response to outdoor survival. Caswell has already proven that with a little creative thinking karambits can find mass appeal, and CRKT clearly believes the same.

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