You Should Know About This Boutique Cycling Brand

Isadore is a boutique cycling apparel company that was founded by two former World Tour riders, Martin and Peter Velits.

Before Peter and Martin Velits founded their cycling apparel brand Isadore, they were pro riders on the World Tour whose faces were well-known in the peloton. It was the years of training and racing they put in that influences Isadore’s refined collection of performance clothing from conception to production. The idea is a simple one: the brothers know what cycling clothing needs to do — how it should fit, what it should feel like — so that’s how they make it. But it goes deeper than that well-known story of retired-athlete-starts-company.

The Velits brothers grew up steeped in cycling — their family owns and operates a cycling store — and conveying a sense of home has been important to Isadore since the brand’s launch in 2013. Isadore crafts its products in the Velits’ home country of Slovakia, at a factory located in a town called Puchov. Everything is made by hand to the high sustainability standards that the company has been dedicated to since inception, and the Velits brothers keep a constant eye on production quality (the factory is just a bike ride away from home).

Isadore’s collection is marked by quality materials like merino wool and lightweight lycra, and an aesthetic that ranges from tonally muted to tastefully flashy. The brand offers jerseys, bibs, jackets, socks, caps and more for every season and type of riding.

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