2018’s Knife of the Year Just Got an Upgrade

Fox Knives’s Suru won the award for Knife of the Year at the 2018 Blade Show and just months later it’s getting a new look.

Last year, Fox Knives’s Suru took home the overall prize at Blade Show, an annual trade show for the cutlery industry. Winning Knife of the Year is no small feat, as the show has become a massive draw for custom makers and full-scale production companies alike. Recently, a company called Urban EDC Supply worked with Fox Knives and Jesper Voxnaes, the Suru’s designer, to give the knife an upgrade.

The original version of the Suru won the top prize in part because it used a carbon fiber frame-lock for the first time, which made it incredibly light at 2.04 ounces. These new iterations swap out that material for titanium, making it heavier (but not by much; it weighs 3.3 ounces) but providing an entirely new look and feel.

The Suru’s steel drop-point blade is 2.32 inches long, and it deploys smoothly with either a thumbhole or flipper tab. Voxnaes incorporated two choils, the unsharpened notches close to where the blade meets the handle, to provide a solid grip given the knife’s small size. Even the pocket clip features a zirconium ball bearing at its end to help the Suru transition easily into and of a pocket. It’s details like these that helped solidify the Suru as an award-winner, and the new array of titanium handles, which come in various color finishes, amply those and add an element of choice to this unique pocket knife.

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