Destroyed Your Shoulders Doing CrossFit? Here’s How to Recover

The lead up to the CrossFit Games starts now. Here’s how to keep your body healthy in the meantime.


To make it to the CrossFit games, which are the Olympics for CrossFit athletes, you have to compete in a series of workout challenges that vary from week to week. The 19.3, announced last Thursday, is the third workout in a series of five, all part of the 19th CrossFit Open (hence the 19.3) — each workout earns you a ranking among athletes all over the world. The CrossFit Games culminate every summer after a series of other competitions in an attempt to find the fittest person on earth.

This week’s workout is particularly grueling and consists of lunges while holding a 200-ft dumbbell overhead, 50 box step-ups while holding a dumbbell, 50 strict handstand push-ups (get into handstand position and then do push-ups from there, lowering your head to the ground and then pushing back up to full arm extension) and lastly, a 200-ft. handstand walk. You can watch the workout here. Complete all of that in under 10 minutes, and you’re a winner in our book (you’re a winner for even considering it, actually). Handstand push-ups are seriously intense, especially after stressing your muscles while holding a dumbbell overhead. After all that you might feel like you need a week of recovery — so ice up, book a massage and then relax with a beer — it just might help.

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